When Is It Possible to Install a Fiberglass Pool?

We can tell you from experience that fiberglass pools can be installed at any time of the year, regardless of where you live, if you’re wondering when is the ideal time to install one.

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However, not all seasons are created equal, and each has advantages of its own. You still have time to plant your landscaping, the weather is perfect, there’s no urgency to finish the pool, and you might even be able to take advantage of off-season prices in the fall.

Many of these advantages are available in the winter, but planting will have to wait until spring, and there may be a few additional weather-related delays.

Overall, because of the milder temperature, spring and summer are excellent periods to establish a fiberglass swimming pool. However, as these are the busiest seasons for pool builders, you will be up against competition. Depending on when work begins, you could also have less time to utilize your pool before the season ends.

Is It Possible to Build a Fiberglass Pool Above Ground?

Some people might not be able to put a pool in the ground due to various factors such as ground water, rock, or other issues. Some people think an above-ground pool with a wrap-around deck looks better. In any event, you may install an above-ground fiberglass pool if that’s what you desire! Just a few essentials are required initially:

To ensure that the pool shell can sustain pressure on its own, thicken the pool.
Create specialized support ribs to offer strength and stability to the pool’s sidewalls.
Build a new deck in place of the coping and patio, or modify your current deck to fit around the pool.