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(Signed) JOSEPH T. GIBBS, ALFRED MASSINA, JOSEPH T. SHALLARD, WILLIAM CLARSON. The business shall be carried on as before, by consent, under the fashion and firm of Clarson, Shallard & Co., by the undersigned, by whom additionally Paul MELODIA all debts shall be obtained and all accounts paid. eighty five Bourke avenue, Melbourne; 207 Pitt road, Sydney.

and can try to elicit the normal thicknesses of wood observed by Gilmour whilst within the make use of of Devereux. Mr. Windebank says the time is getting late, as those persons who know, or know, the information have handed away, or are rapidly passing, or their recollections are failing. Mr. Gill, of Castlemaine, has recently opened an institution right here underneath the title of the Hanover Rooms; he has fitted them up in a really chaste type, and doesn’t appear to have studied expense.

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Wee-Pin performed the cymbals or cha, well-known to dwellers in Ballarat East. Lee Tak additionally performed the gong or laur, “very effective”, as Mr. Lang says, “in producing loud music”. Lee Yeng and Lee Chok performed the tee-uh or tuk-tie, which produced sounds just like the Scotch bagpipes, or Scotch organ, as Ah Coon calls the instrument. As we’ve earlier than stated, Mr. Ah Coon did not sing, however Lee Tak and Kong Wai did. The first sang in his pure voice, and the second in falsetto; however, owing to the ponderousness of the accompaniment, neither could be heard.

but retired before the close of the 12 months, to the regret of those that knew his value. Mr. R. J. Andrews took his place . A declare for board and lodging,

there was, however, no lack of vitality. The musical and dramatic parts were well sustained, and drew down thunders of approbation. At the conclusion of the performances, Messrs. Schrerder [sic] and Gingey, two well known musicians, who are under an engagement on the hotel, saved the viewers in mirthful pleasure until the break of morn. At the conclusion of the lecture 27 working men, constituting a choir trained at the corridor, sang “Australia’s Cherished Dream,” Mr. Joseph Gillott playing the accompaniment, and subsequently singing the entire of his Australian patriotic songs.

shortly after which the Rev. John Gardner learn an extended and eloquent dissertation on the nature and utility of sacred music, which he passed beneath evaluation. The various objections urged to the advantages of such societies as that simply known as into existence; after which, the live performance commenced beneath the able superintendence of Messrs. Daniel and Chapman .

Paddy the Drummer – Master C. Buckingham. Death of Nelson – Master W. Buckingham. Blanche and Lisette – Miss Buckingham. Life of Clown, by Picaune Buckingham. Forty Thieves and Alonzo the Brave – Mr. Buckingham. With a big selection of songs, duetts, glees, cborusses, &c., by

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Mr. Gehde entered right into a precise description of the old iron store and the proprietor. – January 11, at her residence, 36, York-street, Mrs. A. Gehde, of a son. MR. HENRY MARSH, in thanking his numerous Pupils and associates for the liberal assist he has acquired

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hence he endeavours to show some of his former experiences to account. Mr. Gardiner has the next function in his lecture on the theatre. Knowing the hazards of such a life he needs to warn others.

The impact was instantaneous – the poor vocalist fell to the bottom insensible, and with a bleeding wound above the temple. Dr. Moore was immediately called in, and located the skull fractured. The affected person, as a lot as last night, was doing much better than may have been expected, having perfect possession of his intellects, and being subject to very little pain. Inspector Rose has been relieved of responsibility by the Commissioner of Police, and is at present confined to his quarters, awaiting the end result, of which we belief we may shortly be capable of report favourably.

Burlesque – “Away she went.” – D. Brenni Refrain – ” Oh! Boys, carry me alongside.” – F.