Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico? Here Is What You Need To Know

The majority of the violence is between gangs in Mexico. The vast majority of tourists who visit Cancun have an amazing time soaking up the sun on the beach, eating delicious Mexican food and feeling rejuvenated. Cancun weatherCertain dangerous areas are where the majority of crime in Cancun takes place. If you want to learn more about the local culture than you can by staying at the resort, the downtown area is a good place to go. Due to the rise in drug violence, violent crime rates are high. There is a chance that tourists will get caught in the crossfire.

Make sure to take the right precautions to protect yourself when you are on vacation, because you shouldn’t throw caution to the wind just because you are. Cancun has a reputation for being one of the safest places to live in Mexico. Despite the recent increase in crime, the city is still mostly safe for travelers.

There are well known tourist sites along Mexico’s Caribbean and Pacific coasts that have been affected by incidents that put innocent people at risk. The Marines will be en route from Mexico City to Cozumel in the coming days. Both crime prevention and suppression will be aided by these police officers. The officers from the Marine Special Forces arrived in Cozumel by plane Thursday evening. The number of homicides in October decreased by about 16 percent compared to the previous month.

The entire length of the coastline along the Caribbean Sea is covered in a thin state of Quintana Roo. There are many popular Mexico beach towns located in the Mexican Caribbean, which is a part of the Yucatan Peninsula. No visit to Mexico is complete without swimming in the best cenotes. The longest underground river on Earth is the Sac Actun, which is located underneath the Yucatan Peninsula. Most people know that Cancun is a Mexican beach town.

Most visitors prefer to stay right on the beach in one of the amazing all inclusive resorts in Mexico. There is a dark shadow cast on the country by the Mexican drug traffickers. I know what a meta topic is and will try to navigate it carefully. I don’t know if it’s true, but not buying drugs in Cancun is the best way to avoid the Mexican drug traffickers.

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Mexican police patrol all of the tourist areas. This is a moderate value compared to other Mexican cities, but it still represents an increase compared to previous years. Homicides and other violent crimes are more likely to occur in the outskirts of Cancun than in the Zona Hotelera. The Hotel Zone is a 13 mile stretch of white sand beaches with hotels and resorts for both families and couples. Local residents, as well as national travelers from other parts of Mexico, are the most common people who complain of discrimination. Foreign tourists from countries with higher wages are more likely to come to Mexico.

Foreign health insurance is not accepted as payment for any type of test, so be prepared to pay out of pocket. Visitors to Mexico don’t have to show proof of a negative COVID 19 test when they arrive. Mexican President Lpez Obrador has previously said that this rule won’t change, even if future versions of the virus change. “hurricane season” is the rainy season in Cancn.

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There is no denying that there are horrible events in Mexico, but the information is often not put into perspective. It is sadly what people like to read, that they focus on the worst aspects of a country. Don’t drive after dark or take taxis outside of Cancun at night. If it feels dangerous, you want your senses to be alert so you can get out of the situation. Cartel members rarely target tourists during gunfights. They want to settle scores with members of the other gang.

Past posts about corruption by police officers in Mexico can be found in Facebook groups for expats and digital nomads. I recommend the ATMs on the beach, rather than the ones in Downtown. ATMs should be avoided inside convenience stores as well. You want to know about these things for the sake of being safe in Mexico. I have never been approached to buy drugs in Playa del Carmen as much as I have in Tulum.

They are a short walk to La Isla Entertainment Village, where you can shop and eat. It’s easy to get to the beach club with a five minute drive. At our outdoor pool and rooftop fitness center you can enjoy multiple bars.